Our limit is 30 dogs, who are separated by size and play style. We are located in an old character home (built in 1912) in Kensington, Calgary. There are 4 separate daycare rooms for the dogs to play in depending on the energy and friends that suit them. We keep our number of dogs low, to ensure every dog has fun, is able to regulate their energy all while learning a bit of manners.

We have a outdoor potty area and all dogs in daycare get two potty breaks. Although we have a fenced outdoor area we still do require your dog comes to daycare with a harness.

 Our playschool is supervised by highly trained staff, with years of experience and dog knowledge.

Daycare Rates

Single Half Day RateSingle Full Day Rate5 Full Days or
10 Half Days
10 Full Days or
20 Half Days
20 Full Days or
40 Half Days
Monthly Unlimited
(Full calendar month)

What will need for your dogs first day?

  • Please bring your dog in on a harness or bring one with you. We require dogs come with a harness if you would like us to take them outside for a pee break since we are located close to such a busy road we want to minimize the chance that a dog may become spooked from the traffic and slip their collar.
  • If your dog eats throughout the day and you would like us to feed them their lunch/breakfast/dinner you are welcome to bring it with them and we will put them in their own area for their food time.
  • You are more than welcome to bring any chews or treats for them while they are here for the day of daycare. If you do bring a chew it will be used if they require a short break/nap time. (only dogs that need help regulating their energy go in for a nap)
  • If your dog has any allergies make sure to let us know as we use treats in our facility. If your dog has many allergies or a favourite kind of treat you may bring that for us to use for your dog only.
  • Please inform us if you would NOT like us to give your dog chews, treats, antlers etc.

Credits are not transferable & Non-refundable

All daycare packages expire 2 years from purchase date

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