Daycare With Training (Playschool)

Daycare With Training (Playschool)

We recommend bringing your puppy to daycare at least once a week to get some good socialization with other puppies. 

While your puppy spends time with us in daycare we can do a playschool session (trainer spends an hour with your dog) where we can work on whichever behaviour you are wanting to teach. 

Things we can work on with your dog in playschool

  • Loose lead walking
  • Polite greetings (no jumping)
  • Kennel training
  • Sits
  • Downs
  • Leave it/ drop its
  • Mouthing
  • Handling
  • Stay
  • Bed cue
  • Attention
  • Recall
  • And more....

With this option you will receive a summary of everything we worked on and what to continue to practice while at home.  

Purchase a Daycare Package & Purchase a Playschool Package (Training while at daycare)