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Ph: 403-454-7342 | Text: 403-605-2376


#103 4 14 ST, NW, Calgary, AB T2N1Z4


In our grooming area, we use all natural shampoo's, conditioners, and products on the dogs. Our grooming area is meant to be a low-stress environment, where dogs can hang out or go in kennels, depending on what they prefer. We do our best to keep it that way throughout the day, although the pups do get pretty excited for visitors! We use essential oils in a diffuser to help keep humans and dogs feeling nice and chilled and we give dogs breaks when needed! So we will estimate a time for pick up, but may waiver on it due to taking our time and keeping everyone happy! Our goal is to help dogs enjoy the grooming experience, beyond just getting through it every 6-8 weeks!

Price quotes are given when you inquire because every dog is different and haircuts vary quite a lot too!




If you have a puppy under 5 months or an adult dog whos been turned away from other groomers, we have a solution for you and your dog!

Check out our train to groom section for more information! 


Grooming Policies

  • To have your small dog groomed it will take roughly 3-4 hours until finished. Large or multiple dogs will take 4-5 hours until finished.

  • If you would like your dog expressed out in under 2 hours there will be a $20 fee added on top of the regular groom price.

How long will my dog's groom take?

Cancellation Policy

If you no show your grooming appointment 3 times in a row you will be required to prepay for your dogs groom.

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