We offer playschool Monday to Friday; 7 am - 6 pm & Saturday 8am - 4pm

Our limit is 20 dogs, who are separated by size and play style!

We keep our number of dogs low, to ensure every dog has fun, is able to regulate their energy and able to have multiple potty breaks everyday!

Our playschool is supervised by highly trained staff and walks are offered for an additional cost.

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Pee Breaks/Walks

Pee breaks are done at roughly 10:30 am & 2:30 pm, in extreme cold/heat we may do limited pee breaks or none at all (dogs who NEED to go out will but for very short pee breaks). Harnesses are a requirement for taking your dog outside our building due to us being on an extremely busy road. Dogs that aren't used to so much traffic so close can become spooked and back out of their collar and flee. So if you do not bring your dog with a harness they will be unable to go outside for pee breaks. Any dog leaving the building in our care MUST have a harness.

Unfixed Dogs

If your dog is an unaltered male puppy, they will be allowed into daycare until your vet recommended age of neutering. Unless they start showing undesirable behaviours like mounting where it is causing issues for the other dogs in daycare. Unaltered female dogs are allowed in daycare unless they are in heat. We do this because with previous experiences have shown unaltered females have had no issues as long as they aren't in heat, but a lot of unaltered males struggle with not mounting their friends in a daycare setting.


If you would like to cancel your dog's daycare day, you can submit a request by sending an email to and we can cancel for you. There is no cancellation fee but we would just like you to let us know beforehand so we can have the spot for another daycare dog. If you struggle with email you are welcome to give us a call at 403 454 7342.

Late Pickup Fees

We are closed at 6 pm daily, if you are going to be late for pickup please give us a call to let us know. If you call and inform us that you will be late you have a 10-minute leeway before being charged a late fee. On the chance you do not call and let us know you will be late, you will be charged  $1 = 1 Minute from 6 pm until the time of pickup.

Daycare packages are non-transferable