Private Training

Private Training

During COVID19 Pandemic

All private training must be done virtually, or contactless sessions are available on a case by case basis.

We offer private training sessions, in your home, or at our location, or even at a location we meet at! We have experience with a range of behaviours including fear and reactivity and are currently working towards the CBCC-KSA certification. We can use the private sessions for really any behaviour you need a hand with working on with Fido, such as; potty training, leash walking, recall, chewing, counter surfing, leash reactivity, fearful behaviour and confidence building, handling, polite greeting, jumping and more!

We are very flexible with bookings and do our best to accommodate your schedule! we do ask that you understand if we have to reschedule, as working with dogs can be hard to plan sometimes, but we will always have the same understanding for you!

Please show up for the appointment time, there is no need to be early as we are busy getting set up and ready for your session.

Private Training Prices & Packages

Over the phone training call

Questions for the dog trainer over the phone - $21.00 per 15 minutes

We encourage you to email us instead of a phone call. (Emails are free for current training clients)


Initial Consultation

We sit down and learn what you would like to work on with Fido so we can make a training plan suitable for you and Fido - $52.50

One-off session

One hour single session - $78.75


Lets get started package:

  • 4 One hour sessions ($73.50/session)
  • 1 Free consultation

$280 +GST 


Changing behaviours package:

  • 8 One hour training sessions ($71.40/session)
  • 1 Free consultation
  • 1 Free front clip harness (valued at $45) 

 $544 +GST


Building behaviours package:

  • 12 One hour training sessions ($68.25/session)
  • 1 Free consultation 
  • 1 Free front clip harness (valued at $45) 

$780 +GST


Building behaviours and bonds package:

  • 16 One hour training sessions ($65.10/session)
  • 1 Free consultation
  • 1 Free front clip harness (valued at $45) 
  • 10% off grooming for the dog in training!  

$992 +GST

 Purchase a Package here

All of our training is 100% positive reinforcement and force free, we use no harsh methods, we use science-backed positive reinforcement to help Fido learn!