Minimum Requirements For Daycare

Brilliant Best Friends requires your dog to be 12 weeks of age and over with their vaccinations up to date with proof (first 2 sets administered by a vet)
You will be required to provide updated copies of vaccines as they are administered.

Drop Off & Pickup Times

Drop off Between 7:00 am - 12:30 pm
Pickup Between 12:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Pee Breaks/Walks  

In extreme cold/heat we may do limited pee breaks or none at all (dogs who NEED to go out will but for very short pee breaks). Harnesses are a requirement for taking your dog outside our building due to us being on an extremely busy road. Dogs that aren't used to so much traffic so close can become spooked and back out of their collar and flee. So if you do not bring your dog with a harness they will be unable to go outside for pee breaks. Any dog leaving the building in our care MUST have a harness.

Unfixed Dogs

We require that your dog should be fixed by the age of 1 year unless there is a breeding contract or a note from your vet. Should your dog start showing undesirable behaviours associated with an unfixed dog before they are 1 year old, we may ask you to take a break from daycare until your dog is able to be spayed/neutered. At this time no refunds will be given.


You can cancel for free at anytime, so please email or call to inform us if your dog cannot attend that day. 
If you no show a booked daycare day, 1 daycare day will be subtracted from your daycare package.

Late Pickup Fees  

If you are going to be late for pickup please give us a call to let us know. If you call and inform us that you will be late you have a 10-minute leeway before being charged a late fee. On the chance you do not call and let us know you will be late, you will be charged  $1 = 1 Minute from close until the time of pickup.

Recurring Attendance

We require your dog to attend daycare regularly at BBF. Most clients choose the same day each week and some prefer to book depending on their schedule. Either way we require at least one day a week attendance to daycare .Consistently coming to daycare helps them make friends and connections with us and their doggie peers.

Credits are not transferable & Non-refundable
All daycare packages expire 2 years from purchase date