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We provide a low-stress lifestyle for your best friend!


We are a little grooming salon, in Kensington, Calgary, Alberta! We also offer Playschool and Reward Based dog training. We have 3 employees working here, one of them being the owner of the business, we like our clients to feel like family here at BBF. Our goal is to help the average pet owner, get the help they need so that Fido can live happily in their home, as well as helping dogs to get the right socialization from the beginning to prevent any fears or behaviour issues later in life! We also put a huge focus on proper play and regulation of dogs energy during playschool and working with dogs to help them to really enjoy being groomed!
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Hours of Operation
Monday to Friday - 7 am - 6 pm
Saturday - 8 am - 4 pm
Sunday - CLOSED
Closed on Statutory Holidays



Private Training

All of our training is 100% positive reinforcement and force free, we use no harsh methods, we use science-backed positive reinforcement to help Fido learn!

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Group Training Classes

Our group classes have from 4-8 dogs per class.We offer many types of group classes for all types of dogs.

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We keep our number of dogs low, to ensure every dog has fun, is able to regulate their energy and able to have multiple potty breaks everyday! Our playschool is supervised by highly trained staff, and we have the highest human - dog ratio in the city!

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We offer all breed dog grooming! We use treats to build positive associations with the grooming experience to help all dogs feel more comfortable when having to be groomed.

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  • 4 14 Street Northwest, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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Buy Daycare Online

5 Full Daycare Days

  • $33 per day ($10 Savings)
  • Free nail trims
  • Two pee breaks per full day

10 Full Daycare Days

  • $30 per day ($50 Savings)
  • Free nail trims
  • Two pee breaks per full day

Monthly Unlimited (Not including Saturdays)

  • $24 per day ($200 Savings)
  • Welcome Monday through Friday
  • Free nail trims
  • Two pee breaks per full day

Monthly Unlimited (Including Saturdays)

  • $24 per day ($200 savings)
  • Welcome Monday through Saturday
  • Free nail trims
  • Two pee breaks per full day

Buy Private Training Online

Lets Get Started Package

  • 1 Free Consultation
  • 4 - One hour training sessions ($73.50/Session)

Building Behaviours Package

  • 1 Free Consultation
  • 12 - One hour training sessions ($68.25/Session)
  • 1 Free front clip harness (Valued at $45)

Building Behaviours and Bonds Package

  • 1 Free Consultation
  • 16 - One hour training sessions ($65.10/Session)
  • 1 Free front clip harness (Valued at $45)
  • 10% OFF grooming price for dogs lifetime

Train To Groom Program

  • 5 Socialization days in daycare
  • 5 Sessions with our certified trainer (working to build a good association to grooming)
  • 1 Full groom
  • 10% OFF all grooms for the life of your dog

Sign up for Group classes

Level 1 Obedience Class

  • 6 Week Class
  • Monday's 7:30 pm - 8:30 pm
  • 4-6 dog per class
  • This level is suitable for any age over 6 months with proof of up to date vaccines
  • Next round starts March 6th, 2020 (This round is full)

Level 2 Obedience Class

  • 6 Week Class
  • Tuesday's 7:30 - 8:30 pm
  • 4-6 dogs per class
  • This level is suitable for any age over 6 months with proof of up to date vaccines, who have completed Level 1
  • Next round starts January 14, 2020

Leash Reactivity Class

  • 8 Week Class
  • Saturday's 6:30 - 7:15 pm
  • Maximum 4 dogs per class
  • This course is for dogs over 5 months old who are experiencing fear, over excitement or showing aggressive displays on leash
  • Next round starts January 4, 2020

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Nadia Ansari


Nadia is the owner of BBF but you would never know because shes always so busy grooming and training!

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Courtney Ennis

Operations Manager

Courtney will welcome you every morning your here to drop your dog off. You can always be rest assured they are in good hands.

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Tama Parsons

Daycare Attendant/Bath & Brusher

Tama's one of the newest to the BBF family, but she fits right in.

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How old does my dog have to be to start daycare?

Your dog should be at least 12 weeks old with the first two sets of vaccines.

Do you offer half days for daycare?

Yes, the cost of a half day of daycare is $21.00, and a half day consists of under 5 hours

How much does it cost for my dog to be groomed?

Price quotes are given when you inquire because every dog is different and haircuts vary quite a lot too!

How much does a nail trim cost?

Nail trims cost $10.50

Do you do drop in nail trims?

Yes, but make sure to give us a call to make sure there is someone who can do nails. Usually come before 4pm.

How much does an anal gland expression cost?

 Anal glands cost $5.25

Do we use a dremel for nails?

Yes, but only if you request it.

How long will it take for my dog to be groomed?

We quote grooms to take 3-4 hours on a regular sized dog. Giant breeds and some large breeds may take longer, we can give time quote upon arrival. 
If you would like an Expressed groom (2 hours or under) you may pay a $21 express fee.

Where are you located?

We are located right off 14th Street and Kensington Road NW, right behind "Chicken On The Way" and across the street from the "Goldsmiths". We are in the bottom of an apartment building in the commercial strip. Our parking lot you can access from either side of 14th street, and the parking is free!
Visit Contact page for a map!

Will you groom my dog if it is in heat?

No, unfortunately it causes quiet a disruption in our grooming day as we have to keep them separated, sanitize all our tools, kennels and anywhere they may have bled. It is much easier to just wait till they are no longer in heat to have them groomed.

Do you do evening grooming appointments?

Unfortunately, we do not take grooming appointments in the evenings because our groomer is also a trainer. In the evening she is busy doing training sessions.