Playschool Vs Private Training

PlayschoolPrivate Training
Where?Playschool is only done at our facility when your dog comes to daycare.Private training can be done at our facility, at a park in your neighbourhood, and depending on what training is needed sometimes we can work in your home.  
When?Playschool can be done during the day while your dog is with us at daycare (Fridays/Mondays Only)We have a few different times available for private training, once you have access to booking through our App you can choose which time during the evening or weekend works best for you.
How?Bring your dog to daycare on a Friday or Monday morning, during the day our trainer will take your dog out of playgroup for an hour and work on the behaviours you requested. (Must be basic - no complex behaviours)We meet at our facility or your place of choice, working together to teach your dog the skills we discussed in your consultation.
Why?Most people choose playschool solely because the training can be done while your dog is at daycare with us, instead of being present for the session.  Most people choose private training so they can be present for the session and work on more intense behaviours with the trainer. Our trainer might require you do private training based on the skills your dog is working on.

Choosing either playschool or private training is completely up to you, that is why we have made this sheet so you can decide which suits your lifestyle best. 

There's a variety of basic behaviours that can be worked on/taught while your dog is in daycare during playschool. 

These include..

  • Kennel Training
  • Alone Training
  • Sit & Down
  • Leave it & Take it
  • Basic Socialization for Puppies
  • Bed/Place Cue 

and many more!

When purchasing playschool - keep in mind this does NOT include the day of daycare, please purchase a daycare package additionally.

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