Do you offer half days for daycare?

Yes, the cost of a half day of daycare is $26.00, and a half day consists of under 5 hours

How old does my dog have to be to start daycare?

Your dog should be at least 12 weeks old with the first two sets of vaccines.

How much does a nail trim cost?

Nail trims cost $10.50

How much does it cost for my dog to be groomed?

Price quotes are given when you inquire because every dog is different and haircuts vary quite a lot too!

How much does an anal gland expression cost?

 Anal glands cost $10

Do you do drop in nail trims?

Yes, but make sure to give us a call to make sure there is someone who can do nails. Usually come before 4pm.

How long will it take for my dog to be groomed?

We quote grooms to take 4-6 hours on a regular sized dog. Giant breeds and some large breeds may take longer, we can give time quote upon arrival.

Do we use a dremel for nails?

Yes, but only if you request it.

Where are you located?

We are located right off Kensington Road NW, across from the "Tim Hortons" & "Original Joes". Our parking lot you can access from either side of Kensington Road, and the parking is free for our clients only!
Visit Contact page for a map!

Will you groom my dog if it is in heat?

No, unfortunately it causes quiet a disruption in our grooming day as we have to keep them separated, sanitize all our tools, kennels and anywhere they may have bled. It is much easier to just wait till they are no longer in heat to have them groomed.

Do you do evening grooming appointments?

Unfortunately, we do not take grooming appointments in the evenings because our groomer is also a trainer. In the evening she is busy doing training sessions.
But we do offer grooming on Sundays.