Puppy SocializationLevel 1 Obedience Level 2 ObedienceLeash Reactivity

This is a socialization class with a slight touch on obedience, we cover topics such as handling, dog-dog play, surface and sound socialization and more!

This class has a focus on basic obedience with an element of play and learning what is appropriate play for our dogs. We will cover behaviours such as sit/down/stay/bed and loose lead walkingClasses being revised - No classes at this time

This class works on teaching our reactive dogs how to use the engage disengage behavour in a controlled setting. Then they can build positive associations in a setting they can get success!

This class is suitable for dogs who are 12 weeks or over with their first 2 sets of vaccinations up to 20 weeks old!
This class is suitable for dogs 6 and older months that are dog friendly with proof of up to date Vaccinations.
This class is suitable for dogs who are 6 months and older that are struggling with reactivity on the leash.
This class runs every Monday at 6:30pm (excluding holidays)Next class date July 3, 2023

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Aug 28, 2023
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