Nadia Ansari

Nadia is the owner of BBF but you would never know because shes always so busy grooming and training!

Nadia has been grooming dogs for over 8 years and has been training dogs using reward based methods for just over 5 years. She is DCBC & Fear Free certified and is working towards her CBCC-KSA certification!
Nadia is the heart and soul of Brilliant Best Friends, Shes our owner but also our trainer & groomer. She has given countless hours to helping the canine community in Calgary, AB. From volunteering her time with multiple rescues, rescuing 4 dogs herself, volunteering her skills to help those who need it most, attending Spay & Neuter clinics in rural areas of the province, searching for lost dogs, and overall just giving what she can to help others. Don't be intimidated by all that shes got under her belt, because she is the most humble business owner around.