29 Nov

How to move your dog away/stop them/get their attention with out having to yell, say uh uh, no or even have to touch them at all. This can be great for chewers, for dogs who bark at the window, dogs who fence fight, even counter surfers!  

How to teach this

  1. Choose a word or noise

  2. Pair that word or noise with food by saying it and following with food, a good time to do this is meal times with kibbles

  3. Start to practice using the noise or word and rewarding Fido with a yes and treat for their attention start with no distance or distractions

  4. Then start to add distance, start to make the noise further from Fido, do it at all times, randomly, not only when Fido is at the window or chewing shoes, practice when Fido is just hanging out and also when Fido is doing something silly or not allowed. 

  5. Once Fido is doing well at short and long distances and even out of sight, then start to add those distractions, start with distractions that don’t matter much, and move to the high value distractions like dogs out the window or rabbits. 

  • Remember to proof the noise or word up much like the yes word, we want to simply say our word or make our noise and then follow with a reward, expecting nothing from Fido for that reward except their attention when you make the noise

  • Remember to add in small distance and move to long and remember to add low value distractions before high value ones.

  • Positive interrupter word good things always, there will be a lot of treats at first

  • Once Fido comes reliably to our interrupter, teach them what to do instead of what they were doing! Think of what we want them to do instead, rather then what to do in the moment, teaching behaviors to counter act the things we don’t like to see is very valuable! A good example is teaching a bed cue or giving them a toy to play with rather then chew your wall! 

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