09 Mar

Basic potty training

For our basic potty training we want to 

  1. ALWAYS have a tasty treat ready when Fido goes pee or poo outside. Say “yes” when he goes potty to mark the behavior as what is getting Fido the treat.

  2. Don’t punish mistakes inside, just direct him to the correct place, and allow fido to finish the potty there, walk up and calmly say uh uh or oops and direct fido outside. When fido finishes outside, have that yes and treat ready to go.

  3. Teach fido how to ask to go out! ( next section)

Asking to go outside

  1. Targeting, teach fido to hit the piece of paper through shaping with the clicker or yes and treat.

  2. Once fido hits the paper with foot consistently on the floor, move it up to the wall, then capture fido hitting it on the wall and treat generously. 

  3. Move bells in front of paper if you want fido to hit something louder, or something other then the door.

  4. Watch for when fido needs to potty, when you see fido searching, pop the leash on, bring fido to the door, get him or her to hit the wall or bells and then take them out to potty! Treat for hitting bells and going potty at first and then fade to just after the pot and eventually to when fido just comes inside! 

  5. Anytime Fido goes out for potty, get them to hit the wall or bells, and then allow them out, start leaving the bells out, or paper on the wall, to see if Fido will use them by themselves, and if they do let them out right away! 

Tips & Tricks

  • This can all be taught with nosing the bells too, the wall needs to have the paws used though.
  • Stay consistent despite accidents, if the accidents are frequent, we need better treats and we need to watch our timing with our yes, and make sure we are yes sing the correct thing.
  • The treat should be a few special treats that Fido never gets otherwise

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