29 Nov

Engage - Disengage 

 Keep your dog focused and behaved on the leash, using methods they will love!

How to do engage disengage 

  1. Get lots of distance, and start in as low stress environment as possible. our dogs cant learn if they are overwhelmed. Our goal is to notice their first signal of stress, before they are barking and carrying on and start the engage disengage there! We want to work at this very far distance until our dog is showing us they can move a few steps closer and be comfortable enough to still learn.

  2. When your dog looks at the scary/exciting stimuli, say “yes”

  3. At that point pop a few treats in front of your dogs nose, and lure their head back to face you.

  4. When they are facing you give them that treat. 

  5. This shows them that the “yes” is for looking at the stimuli, and the reward is given once they are turned back to face you, creating the behaviour of looking at the stimuli then directly back to us for that “yes” and treat! 

  6. Keep session short short short! For example 5 mins of engage disengage and then 5 mins rest. This way we keep our dogs energy regulated well. 

  7. If you have a reaction, you likely need more distance from the triggers!

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