29 Nov

Pair it with good things!

  1. Start super easy! Get Fido eating treats off the muzzle or wrap, introduce it this way to create a positive association before its even on the body.

  2. Then we want to start putting treats in the muzzle or calming band and have them put their mouth in it to receive the reward, with a wrap we want to put treats in their mouth as we lay the wrap on Fido's back, the whole time they have their face in the muzzle or band, or have the wrap touching their body, they should be eating treats. 

  3. A great way to practice is with Fido's breakfast or dinner, feed them it while they wear the wrap(not even fully on) or feed them it out of the muzzle of while the calming band rests on just their neck

  4. After Fido is totally comfortable with having these items on their body, we can move to putting the wrap, muzzle or calming band on and feeding Fido treats the whole time these items are on, when the muzzle wrap or band comes off, the treats stop. You could have Fido wear the calming band while eating a peanut butter Kong, when the Kong is done, the calming band comes off

  5. We need to practice like this for a few days to weeks before we use the calming band, muzzle or wrap for extended periods of time, we need to show Fido these things are rewarding to wear and then we can see their full effectiveness 

  6. None of these tools are to be worn too tightly or in a forceful way, we want to go slow and help Fido love these very valuable tools for training! 

  7. A calming band calms Fido by pressing on pressure points in the nose, Fido can still eat, drink, pant, bark and bite, although a calming band can be used to inhibit that bite a bit in certain scenarios

  8. A muzzle helps a dog learn to use other signals to show they are scared/uncomfortable/overwhelmed, rather then their mouths! 

  9.  A calming body wrap is like a calming band on a larger scale, it presses pressure points throughout the body to calm Fido!  

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