13 Nov

Bed cue

  1. Find a portable bed, that’s is large enough for Fido's whole body

  2. Toss treats on bed and tell Fido “go to your bed” if you want you can add in a point at the bed, for a hand signal

  3. Once all four feet are on the bed (feel free to lure to help get back legs on to start) say yes and treat Fido, with a high rates of reward or a chew or bone. Same as the kennel, keep Fido on only until food stops, once food stops, cue Fido off the bed by saying “all done” no treats when off the bed. 

  4. First get Fido sitting as soon as they get on the bed, and then laying down as soon as they get on the bed, so we get our automatic lay down, when Fido gets on the bed. 

  5. Practice duration Fido can stay on the bed, then distance, so you moving around the house, building up to leaving the room, and then add in distractions such as food and toys. 

  6. Remember when the criteria gets harder in one area, make it easier in another, for example longer duration on the bed equals more treats (higher rate of reward). Or more distraction with the bed cue equals less time on the bed to start, we want to set them up for success! 

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